Reviving the Past... Designing the Future

Too Good To Be True Advertising.

Yesterday I was once again the lucky recipient of one of those handy home-improvement booklets that come in the mail and are full of services offered by many different random companies. Surely you have received one before, but have you ever noticed how unclear they are about what exactly they are offering? For example, “For only $9995.00 we will design your kitchen and install countertops, in oak or maple cabinetry up to 10 ft. We also install hardware, fixtures, sink and appliances and we give you a design of your kitchen for free.” It almost sounds worth looking into doesn’t it?  But like I mentioned above it does make me ask… What EXACTLY does it include? [Read more…]

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling projects don’t have to be a huge undertaking. Some people think of a renovation of this scale and assume it’s a project that will take weeks, or even months, to complete. However, a bathroom remodel can easily become a weekend project with the right tools and ideas. You don’t have to gut the bathroom, hire professionals, and start fresh if you don’t want to. In fact, while this might work for some people, it’s usually quite uncommon among people who choose to renovate their bathroom spaces. [Read more…]

Lighting is an important aspect of kitchen design.

Lighting your new space so you can comfortably see and work, is a important aspect of kitchen design. Recessed down lights are currently the most desirable source of general lighting in kitchens and bathrooms for their architectural appeal and even light distribution. While one down light may be all that is needed in a shower stall, in pathways and other public areas, multiple down lights may be required to evenly light the area without shadows. [Read more…]